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This is where we hand mix the Original Grant’s Vanilla CustardFlavour e-juice.

Forget the Rest this is the Best   I mixed this flavour a long time ago purely for my own use. After sharing this magnificent flavour with other fellow vapers, the word spread like wild fire.
I was asked due to Mass popular demand, to mix more as repeat prescriptions. The demand is now so high that Custard Headquarters is in full time production and now stock Pre-Steeped the Most popular Nicotine strengths all in 3 different ratio's.
 In my opinion this is the most glorious creamiest flavour.

I personally haven't and never do use any other flavour since my discovery a year or so ago of
                                Grant’s Vanilla Custard

Please feel free to browse to select your favourite strength liquid and purchase your desired quantity.
Please feel free to email me at grant@grantsvanillacustard.com  to talk about anything you may wish to, regarding this Glorious Creamy Vanilla Custard Flavour and your Requirements. I will always be more than happy to discuss any issues you may have or special requests
I would also like to add this >>
Myself and others have found that the best taste for this flavour will come from a Silica Wick atomiser at around 1.8ohms resistance, as opposed to stainless steel mesh/ Genesis style atomiser's or Sub Ohm Micro Coils that will fry the Liquid and result in burnt peppery tasting Liquid, these sub ohm set ups tend to spoil/over cook the sweet flavours including this one, something to bear in mind, this is not only my observations but many others too.
I wish and hope your enjoy your  Grant’s Vanilla Custard Flavour experience as many have throughout the world so far.

 We ship to any country in the world.

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